5 Funniest Bad Luck Brian Meme Jokes

The "Bad Luck Brian" meme is really hilarious. We at Le Rage Shirts can't get enough of him that we decided to honor his misadventures with our very own Bad Luck Brian T-Shirt.

I'm sure you have your own list of five funniest Bad Luck Brian jokes. Here is our list:

1. Losses virginity; finds it!
Bad Luck Brian loses virginity… He finds it! That’s crazy right? How could you regain it? 
Anyway, wear this Bad Luck Brian Shirt on New Year’s Eve to entice good luck to come to your life.

How can a person regain his virginity? LOL. This one is really funny.

2. OK, mom! I'll fix the antenna. Hit by massive lightning!
Bad Luck Brian tries to fix the TV antenna! That’s one huge streak of lighting, right? Even Son Goku would not survive that! LOL.Wear this Bad Luck Brian shirt to avoid being hit by lightning on New Year’s Eve.

LOL! It's funny how even doing good brings bad luck to Brian, right? For sure, he's called Bad Luck Brian for a reason.

3. Finds fountain of youth, drowns on it!
Bad Luck Brian finds fountain of youth… He Drowns in it! 
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How about finding the fountain of youth and drowning in it? Crazy! Whoever thought of this joke is genius.

4. Finally makes crush laugh; by asking her out!
Bad Luck Brian finally makes crush laugh… by asking her out! LOL. 
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How about that? I guess it happens to many, not just on Brian. If this happens to you a lot, wear our funny shirts, and get the full attention of your crush.

5. Ringtone goes off at funeral; another one bites the dust!

With this, I guess Brian would wish he'd bite the dust soon as well because of humiliation. LOL.

How about you? What's your list of five funniest Bad Luck Brian Jokes?